Dina Hayek

Lebanese Singer Dina Hayek, oh my wat a hottie , anything to with Salma Hayek ?
Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is preparing to record a new duet with Dina Hayek after being impressed by her voice & lots more i belive ;)

Lebanese Model

Some Unknown Lebanese Model. Intresting specimin actually.

Not Wafter thing like a typical western model , just right if u ask me ;)

Nora Rahhal

๑۩۞۩๑Syrian Singer Nora Rahal๑۩۞۩๑

Prabably Singing Diamond Ring , Baby You`r my everything Diamond Ring.

Lebanese pop star Elissa

Birth Name: Elissiar M. Khoury
Date Of Birth: 11 December 1972
Birth Place: Deir Al Ahmar - Lebanon
StarSigne: Sagittarius

Jala Fahmi

Arabian Beauty Applying Makeup

Egyptian Actress Jala Fahmi / Gala Fahmi

She comes from an artistic family, her father Ashraf Fahmy is one the most well known Egyptian directors. Jala is known for her comedy roles & is one of the most well known comedy actors in egypt.

Egyptian Belly dancers


Exponent of the art of belly dancing - a unique element of Egypt's national cultural heritage.
Dressed in a turquoise harem outfit, Egyptian bellydancer sets heartbeats faster than any manmade ferrari can.

Lamita Frangieh

Lamita Frangieh

Lamita Frangieh was born in Zgharta and raised in Beirut. It is a beautiful city in the North of Lebanon where the weather is glorious and ideal for tourism. Having completed her education, she took a course in Psychology of Young Children. Currently she is modelling, working as a fashion editor on the Beauty of Fashion section for a magazine and preparing for a TV Show. It is her ambition to be a successful businesswoman, wife and mother. Hobbies and interests are: Tennis, skiing, swimming, travelling, and her favourite music is: Pink Floyd, Techno & Jazz. Favourite food: Seafood, Sushi, Italian, and of course Lebanese cuisine. Personal motto is “Reality is a name we give to our disappointments”.

Egypt's top belly dancer and actress Dina

Egypt's top belly dancer and actress Dina .

*Intresting Trivia*

Egyptian belly dancer Dina punched a police officer at the Pyramids police station after she was arrested for attempting to exchange counterfeit American dollars at the Europa hotel.Dina reportedly gave up the fake dollar bills and the police agreed to turn a blind eye to the incident.
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