Lebanese singer Marwa

Marwa with some lucky old geezer.

One of the most famous arab singer , known for her raunchy dressing sense.

Mysterious Girl

Unkown Arabian Girl

Oh oh oh - mysterious girl
I wanna get close to you
Oh oh oh - mysterious girl
Move your body close to mine
Close to mine

Amal Arafah

Syrian Actress Amal Arafah /Amal Arafeh

Amal Arafeh despises greedy and stupid men

Syrian actress Amal Arafeh revealed that she does not mind working in the cinema, television series, or on stage, stressing that she is different from others while acting in the sense that she is very romantic. She added that her passion will always be musical performance and singing.
According to the Qatar based daily, Al Raya, in a personal interview Amal revealed that she despises men who are greedy, stupid, and cold. She added that even if she was sitting in a waiting room across such men she could not take it.

Arafeh’s talents were passed on to her from her great father Suheil Arafeh. She is one of the prominent Syrian singers, who started singing national songs composed by her father. Then she started a successful acting career playing significant roles in a number of Syrian TV series, like “Eileh Khams Njoum” (A Five Stars Family), and “Khan al Harir” (Al Harir Inn).
Amal's most recent work is the TV drama series “Thikrayat Al Zaman Al Kadem” (Memories of the Upcoming Era). (syrialive.net 14-2-2004)

Assala Nasri

Syrian Singer Assala Nasri

Love her outfit , she has got style.

Dolly Chahine

Actress , Singer Dolly Chahine

Dolly Chahine recently said " I'm not a sex Bombshell "

Sweetheart if you look as hot as that you surely are.

She played the role of a sedcutress in "Wija" & is currently filming "Khamas Negoum".

Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam

What can we say of this lebanese singer whos is called as the Shams el-Ghinnieh el-Arabiyeh (The Sun of Arabic song).
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