Shannon Elizabeth Fadal

Shannon Elizabeth Fabal

Shannon Elizabeth Fabal was born in Houston, Texas to Gerald Edward Fadal (of Syrian and Lebanese descent) and Patricia Dianne Abbott (who had French, English, and American Indian (Cherokee) descent); she was raised in Waco, Texas. In high school, Elizabeth was very much interested in tennis and at one point even considered a professional tennis career. Shannon Elizabeth was born on 07.09.1973. Shannon Elizabeth Fadal is an American actress and model. In August 1999, she appeared nude in Playboy magazine. She worked as a model before she began a career in film.

Amy Yasbeck

Amy Yasbeck Born: 12-Sep-1963 Birthplace: Cincinnati
Born to a lebanese father David Yasbeck & an Irish Mother

Salma Hayek !!!

Salma Hayek

Betcha guessed from the middle eastern sounding name.

Salma Hayek (born September 2 , 1966 ) was born in Coatzacoalcos , Veracruz , Mexico to a Lebanese father and a Mexican mother. Raised in a devoutly Catholic family, she was sent to a Catholic boarding school in Louisiana , USA, at the age of 12. After leaving the school due to alleged behavioral problems with the religious sisters who ran the school, Hayek returned to Mexico for a period, but then she was sent to Houston, Texas , to live with her aunt, where she stayed until she was 17. She subsequently moved to Mexico City for college, where she studied International Relations. To the chagrin of her family, she decided to drop out in order to pursue a career as an actress.
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