Lebanese pop star Elissa

A special invitation was presented by Lebanese singer Elissa to every Arab woman, who is looking to rediscover her beauty. This invitation is part of a campaign for Lux elegant festival, which is currently taking place, in its fifth consecutive year.

According to the London based Elaph, the event will host some of the most important names of Arab fashion designers and will present fashion shows for their latest designs. VIPs from Lebanon and other countries throughout the Arab world are to be presents, in addition to a number of stars. alissa

Elissa is Lux’s representative in the Arab world for a second year. She said that every woman remembers her childhood when she used to stand in front of a mirror and begins to fantasize on how beautiful she wishes to be, and strives throughout her life to become the beautiful woman she always dreamed of. She added that she calls on all women to be confident of the way she looks and flaunt her beauty by being as possible.

On a different note, Elissa has conquered the number one spot in the summer album competition in Egypt, which is considered the worst summer the music world has witnessed due to the different circumstances that hit the region like the disastrous Israeli raids on Lebanon.

The summer had begun with the launch of Elissa’s album “Bastanak” (I’m Waiting for you) and which sales reached as high as 350 thousand albums, indicating a decrease in the number of album sales for the singer compared to last year by 100 thousands.

Elissa has completed filming her latest music video for the song “Lao Ta’rafooh” (If You Knew Him), directed by Salim Turk.

Elissa’s business manager, Shaima Abrahim, revealed that Elissa completed filming the clip before the recent Israeli-Lebanese war, but waited to release it till an appropriate time.

She released the clip now that Lebanese morale has been lifted once again and life in her country is somewhat back to normal, said Elissa.

Elissa has refused an offer to star in a new Egyptian film written by composer Baha El Din Mohammad and starring Ahmad Al Sakka. The singer said her overbooked schedule leaves her no time for an acting

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