Hind Sabri admits to being in love

& Lebanese dolly chahine

Tunisian actress Hind Sabri has admitted that she is in love with scenarist Mohammad Hafithi, describing their romantic relationship as very serious and predicting it will lead to marriage.hind
Hind said that Mohammad is the partner she has been searching for all of her life. The couple has been involved for some time, but have postponed the public announcement their relationship.
Traditional Arab male meets free spirited, open-minded Arab female - would he get seriously involved with her? The new film “Li’bit Hub” (Love Game) explores this very question. Screening of the film has begun in Cairo.
The film stars Hind, along with Egyptian actors Khaled Abu Al Naja, Basma and Bushra. The script was written by Ahmad Al Naser and Sami Hussam, and marks director Mohammad Ali’s first film.
‘Love Game’ is produced by ‘Egyptian Media Production City,’ with a budget of five million Egyptian pounds.
Hind plays the role of ‘Laila,’ an independent fashion designer, who creates the latest styles in fashion, but refuses to wear them.
Khaled stated that the romantic film has a comic element, depicting the ironies of relationships. The film raises the question of whether love is stronger than personal differences.

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