Sahara Monadi

They dont make them like her anymore , Sahara elham Monadi looks the type that youd cross over the sahara desert to grab a sight of , sadly she doesnt seem to have hit the big thing as of now.

Leila Bekhti

Beautiul Algerian actress Leila Bekhti "originally from wahrane" is creating quite a few ripples in french cinema these days. I first saw her in the vincent cassel movie sheitan in which she looked absolutely stunning.

Bruna Abdullah

Kighfisher Model of Brazillian & Arab Parentage

Nadia Fares

French actress (although she was born in Marrakech, Morocco) whose biggest starmaking role to date was the actioner “The Nest”, where Nadia played a tough-as-nails SWAT-like cop who must fend off an army of killers while trapped inside a warehouse. It was a great movie, and Nadia Fares was fantastic in it. You can also see her in the Australian horror movie “Storm Warning”, about a yuppie couple trapped in the swamp with a killer.
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