Heba Elsisy Miss Egypt 2004

Heba Elsisy
Age: 22
Hometown: Mansoura
Occupation: Student (law)/model
Noteworthy: Wants to be an actress; her first two runners-up at Miss Egypt were sisters

Hannan, known as Waed

Hannan, known as Waad, is a Saudi singer, well-known in Lebanon. According to Rania’s father, “two years ago, Waad was in Cairo with her brother to watch the taping of an interview on Orbit. Al-Fallatta showed up with another brother, both dressed like women, and entered the studio for the taping. The brother then fired his gun at the stage before disappearing. Some time later, Hannan was drugged and kidnapped and smuggled back into Saudi Arabia.”

Samira Said

Samira Said (Arabic: سميرة سعيد‎ (native name: Samira Bensaïd) ; born October 1, 1959) is an Arabic singer. She was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. Said lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband Moustapha Naboulssi.

Lebanese singer Elissa اليس

Elissa the artist within 3 years, could reach after “Badi Doub” song that is still repeated on youth’s lips, to the duet with Ragheb Alameh “Betghib Bet Rouh”, and after performing along the international artist “Sting”, her cherity concert attended by ex-amenican president “Bill Clinton”, queen “Rania”, and successor of UAE Kingdom , “Sheikh Mohamad Bin Rached Al Maktoum”, today Elissa is scoring another new goal in the international scene along with “Ghris Deburgh” an Arabic-english song titted “Lebanese Nights”, which was written, composed and distributed by Deburgh himself. He envisioned writing this song while being in Lebanon on his last visit in a Lebanese restaurant. He decided to sing it with a Lebanese singer, the choice fell on Elissa.

This song is produced by “Chris Porter”, a big artist producer such as “George Micheal”, and it has been recorded in his studio in Salisburg, London . It will be relaxed in Deburgh’s album in August 2002.

Elissa is a Lebanese singer. She’s one of those rising new stars who are ahead of her generation, though she has released only two albums, she’s a star. Her start was big. Her first album (Baddi Doub) was released in 1998. It was one of the largest selling Album in Lebanon and the Middle East. She sold over 100.000 copies Cd’s and Mc’s combined. She performed the big hit (Baddi Doub) with a very well known French Artist (Gerard Ferrer) and was supported by a video clip filmed in black and white, and it’s still on high rotation on most Tv’s in the Middle East.

Dina Adel

Nour , Nelly Karim, Razan Moghrabi

Nour (Lebanese) - In Orange
Nelly Karim (Egyptian) - In White
Razan Maghraby (Lebanese) - In Black

Elissa & Mona Zaki

Lebanese pop star Elissa & Egyptian actress Mona Zaki

Although she had no interest at all on being an actress, Mona Zaki is now a remarkable leading star. Mona started her career in acting accidentally, when she met Mohamed Sobhi, the famous Egyptian Actor and Director. Mona is a Mass Communication student at the fourth grade. Her dream is to prove herself as a good actress. She wants to make good remarkable roles in her career as a Super Star. 'There is a lot to do'.
The Official Mona Zaki Web Site

Latifah (Latifa) - Tunisia

Tunisian singer Latifah is popular throughout the arab world

Marie-Jose Hnein

Marie-Jose Hnein Says -
Born in Lebanon on the 24th of June 1984, I was crowned Miss Lebanon 2003 at the age of 19. I'm currently pursuing my Business Management Studies.
It all started in 1998 when I was elected Model of the year at the age of 14.Since then I began modeling in my free time.
In 1999 I was also elected Elite Model Look and went to Elite International in Nice to represent my country. There I was selected between the top 30 among 75 girls, and received many job offers from International modeling agencies(that were very interested in Oriental beauty) .But being too young to go for such an adventure all by myself, the best choice was to come back to Lebanon, join my family and get graduated from school.
So I did, and managed my studies with my modeling activities and my various hobbies.
Talking about hobbies, it's been already 15 years that I'm a ballet dancer and 6years that I'm a ballet jazz dancer. I love dancing! And I also adore music; I just can't stand life without music. I actually learned to play piano for 5 years and still practice few pieces from time to time.
I also practice lots of sports: gymnastics, running, hiking, swimming, skiing and Paragliding! I have a passion about "flying" and its incredible sensation of extreme freedom…
But now it's time to come down to mother earth and back to my path to fame…

When I finally was 18 years old, I entered the Miss Lebanon's contest (being encouraged by my family and friends).And after 2 months of real TV, I've been selected by thousands of voters to be crowned their Miss Lebanon 2003.
On this great opportunity I would like to thank all of my fans for their support and want to dedicate to all of them my success in Miss World 2003, where I was proudly competing in their names (representing the noble image of the Arabian women) and succeeded in entering the top 20 among 106 girls coming from all over the world.
(If interested check my events)

As a beauty queen, my dear project for my crowning year is to protect and defend the importance of the unity in a family, the unity between its members who, nowadays, need each other more than ever. My main interest is to remind people of the importance of communication, understanding and respect, especially between family members: parents and children.
For me, a family, the core of a society, is the never ending source of warmth, love and support. There's no substitute to a family…

I've started debates in the USJ University and I'm planning to continue this activity in different universities because I believe that we, as students, could benefit a lot from others experiences and opinions. And sometimes by sharing our worries and concerns, things get clearer…
I've also been honored to be chosen by the ESCWA to do a promotion for their 10th annual congress concerning Arabian Families and the importance of its unity.
Every month, thanks to generous donators, 5 tons of food are gathered and distributed to needy families in different areas in Lebanon(for more details have a look at the activity section).And due to the success of this activity, I'm working on its continuation and development.

Last but not least, I thank all the people who are working with me and I also want to thank all of my fans who are supporting me


Hind Sabri admits to being in love

& Lebanese dolly chahine

Tunisian actress Hind Sabri has admitted that she is in love with scenarist Mohammad Hafithi, describing their romantic relationship as very serious and predicting it will lead to marriage.hind
Hind said that Mohammad is the partner she has been searching for all of her life. The couple has been involved for some time, but have postponed the public announcement their relationship.
Traditional Arab male meets free spirited, open-minded Arab female - would he get seriously involved with her? The new film “Li’bit Hub” (Love Game) explores this very question. Screening of the film has begun in Cairo.
The film stars Hind, along with Egyptian actors Khaled Abu Al Naja, Basma and Bushra. The script was written by Ahmad Al Naser and Sami Hussam, and marks director Mohammad Ali’s first film.
‘Love Game’ is produced by ‘Egyptian Media Production City,’ with a budget of five million Egyptian pounds.
Hind plays the role of ‘Laila,’ an independent fashion designer, who creates the latest styles in fashion, but refuses to wear them.
Khaled stated that the romantic film has a comic element, depicting the ironies of relationships. The film raises the question of whether love is stronger than personal differences.

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh - Not Quite Arab

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh

Not Quite Arab - But Very Beautiful

Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, also known as The Princess of Jazz, or Die Prinzessin des Jazz or as Jaziza, was born in Baku on December 19, 1969 and is an Azerbaijani singer, pianist and composer who plays a fusion of jazz and mugam (a traditional improvisational style of Azerbaijan) with classical and Avant-garde influences. She currently resides in Germany with her mother, Eliza Mustafa Zadeh, who is also her manager. Her two favorite leisure activities, she says, are painting and sleeping.

Fatma Zidan

Fatma Zidan: is a pop star in the making from Cairo, Egypt. She has released two MC/CD's in her own name and she has performed with some of the biggest stars in the Middle East; Kadhim Zaher, Ngrem and Sherin - just to mention a few.
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